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Dream Maker Spas are the simple, affordable, durable way to enjoy a tranquil spa getaway right at home.




Dream Maker Spas are ranked the #1 U.S. value spa by Trade Certified™. Dollar for Dollar the smooth comfort form with quality, long lasting construction at an everyday entry level cost, delivers Dream Maker Spas at prices you can afford.

Simply choose the model that fits your location and lifestyle and have it delivered to your home. Dream Maker Spas are designed to be simple to set up and simple to operate, so you can spend less time maintaining your spa and more time enjoying it.

All spas are built with proprietary Syncrylic material for the appearance of acrylic with the durability of polyethylene. Dream Maker Spas are rotationally molded for a unibody construction that creates an elegant, durable finish guaranteed not to split, peel, rot or rust.

Dream Maker Spas are designed with superior insulation and heating technology for exceptional energy efficiency, keeping your energy costs low.

We have truckloads of Dream Maker Spas IN STOCK and ready for immediate pickup or delivery!